What factors do you consider when dating someone?

Do you have a criteria of things your partner must meet if you are to pursue them?


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  • Look if you are looking for a guy you would have to consider the following points. I'm a guy so I know what I should look for in girls, it's basically the same idea.

    1. Is he into u or does he just want sex

    Make sure your boyfriend actually loves you, agrees with you and isn't too pushy. A boyfriend who would ask for sex instantly is a horrible boyfriend, as he doesn't really care about you. A boyfriend that listens to you is a good one.

    2. Do your parents like him

    This may seem like a dumb point, but if your parents really hate your boyfriend it could be bad. Make sure that your boyfriend is nice and doesn't take drugs or anything like that. If your parents like your boyfriend, you can get deeper in a relationship and you'll always have your back covered. A boyfriend approved by your parents, would be for the best. Though it's always your opinion first, don't forget that. If your parents don't like your boyfriend to start with and you know he's nice, they will probably like him later on.

    3. Does he let you go first

    A real boyfriend would let you have your say first. He wouldn't ask for money, threaten you or force you into anything your not willing to do. He should let you have your say. He shouldn't be too protective but should still protect you. If he monitors your every move, he's not a good boyfriend.

    4. His personality

    Do you like his personality? If you don't maybe talk to him about what you don't like. He should have a caring personality and friendly personality.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, I don't really have a specific list of criteria when it comes to me dating someone. I should have one, though, because my history with guys that I choose is terrible. I'm taking a long break from dating right now. I just like someone that I have a connection with and not a connection that will fizzle out, but one that just keeps on blossoming. I want a friendship. I want them to go after me first and really show me they care.


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  • Be polite.
    Be efficient.
    Have a plan to kill everyone she meets.

  • For me it's a collection of things, but these are a must! Independent, intelligent, sexual, attracted to me, respects me, lets me be the man, doesn't nag w/o good reason, gets along w/ the homies and homegirls, loves me and she makes me want to be a better man!

    Some honorable mentions for me would be:
    cultured in terms of art, theater, music, plays a sport or works out, is always making new goals and working towards them, is able to keep up in a deep conversation, traveled outside the US to see how other countries are different than the US.

  • Many, but I'll just list the bare minimum:
    - Must be smaller than me, in both height and weight
    - Has a pretty or cute face (trust me, I'm reasonable about that)
    - Wants to get married on day and have kids
    - Is good with kids
    - Doesn't act entitled to anything just because she's female
    - Is respectful towards my loved ones (mainly my parents, brother, and best friend)
    - Has an idea of what she wants to do with her life and has a plan on how to achieve it
    - Shares many of the same beliefs as I do
    - Has an appreciation for the arts, especially music (if she can sing and/or play an instrument, that's a HUGE plus)
    - Doesn't smoke
    - Doesn't drink excessively
    - Is educated (a degree isn't required but it is a big plus if she has one)

    Yeah that's pretty much it, anything more is just a plus for me.

    • You know what, those aren't even the bare minimum. That's actually all I look for.

    • Would you like to write that down on a roll of toilet paper?

  • I dont want be shy

  • Well, she has to be good-looking, because she has to make me want to cuddle with her, hold her, kiss her, and eventually sleep with her. I mean, that is one of the reasons we pursue romantic relationships, after all. She has to get my heart racing, give me butterflies in my stomach, ignite the spark of physical desire in me. She has to get me to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Physically speaking, my favorite kinds of girls are the ones who are beautiful, but don't look like anyone else. They don't look like a celebrity and they don't look like all the other girls I see - they have a unique face.

    But, she also has to be interesting. I like girls who make me wonder about them and wonder what they think. I like girls who can talk for hours about all sorts of deep things, like whether or not there is such things as Atlantis or aliens, or if there are other dimensions, or things like that. But I also like it when they also have a sweet and playful side. Liking animals is definitely a plus. I like someone I feel like I could go for a long walk with, or gaze at the stars together. I like someone who is creative, or at the very least inspires me. I like a girl who has common interests as well. It's not a strict requirement, but it helps us connect, so I like for there to be at least some overlap whether it's in interests, tastes in books or music or movies, or ideals that we share. I like girls who are passionate and full of life.

    Anyway that's about it for me.

    But I'd be interested to hear what factors YOU consider when dating someone, @LovesTVDx. What makes you give a guy a chance? What makes you decide that a guy could be a potential love interest for you?

    • Aw I hope you find that lucky lady one day :)
      if a guy can make me laugh, that will score him so many points! I'm very awkward so if he can make me laugh and bring me out of my shell that's perfect! If someone's a lovely person, who's easy to talk to and makes me feel comfortable- that's what I look for.

    • Thanks for your input. Making a girl laugh seems to be one of the best traits a guy can have. I have managed to do that a couple of times, but not really consistently - I'm not really a comedian, but sometimes I see an opportunity to make a joke. I also agree that it's important to find someone who's easy to talk to. That in and of itself, at least to me, is very hard to find.

      As for me, I already found that lady... only to find myself helpless to do anything but watch as some bastard took her away. I didn't progress far enough in talking to her that I could have asked her out, though she claimed to enjoy talking to me and still does from time to time. And I didn't have my life together anyhow. Not a day goes by that I don't kick myself for moving too slow with her, because I knew her first and I really do believe we could have been happy together. She was just like I described in my post.

      The same thing happened twice more. And I haven't really found anyone like that since. :(

    • Aw but you will! It will probably hit you when you're not looking :)
      Sorry about your experience so far though :/

  • She has to come from good breading stock/blood line.

  • If they're attractive I'll scope around, see what their attitudes are and if they're a decent girl I'll go in for the kill.

    Boobs matter too!

  • Dating is something that I don't even think about or work towards.


What Girls Said 1

  • Of course I have, they're called standards.


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