Do I leave him?

Ever since I went away, my boyfriend has done a number of things that have gotten under my skin. We've seen each other two times in the past two weeks, both for only a few hours as we have other commitments, but on both occasions he has said things that have brought me to tears. He hasn't tried to make this up to me. Sure, he's apologised, but he hasn't actually made it seem like he's sorry. Instead, he's done even more to make me feel as if he doesn't care, but then he defends that he does indeed care and "loves" me, but there's a lot more to loving someone than just saying the word. I'm not asking for him to make it up to me by buying me things or whatever, I just want him to say something nice or just talk about whatever is going on with me, but he'd rather ignore me and then text me the following day about something completely off-topic. Should I just leave him? I have tried everything under the sun to make this work, but he is draining the life out of me and I feel exhausted and it has only been a couple of months. He doesn't think he has to put in effort anymore because we're now "dating", he doesn't get excited to see me, he isn't as happy as he was when we first started dating. What do I even do?


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  • i think you already know the answer. if its only been a few months, and its already this bad, the relationship isn't going to get any better.


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