I have no idea what to do about this boy?

Ok so I posted this question that was related to this a few months ago https://www.girlsaskguys.com/guys-behavior/q1580565-boys-looking-at-me-talking-i-don-t-know-their-motives So a few days ago I saw him at registration and he was like right in front of me and my friend. So his friends were kind of glancing at me and whatever. So he's getting his picture taken and my friend is in the room. She said he was looking around and like leaning over so her could see me in the next room ( I was the only person in the room) and then after I got my picture taken I walked out and he was looking right at me and we stared at each other until I smiled and looked away... My friend said that from her perspective it looks like he likes me. I don't know what to do and I feel really powerless... Help?


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  • Yes he definitely likes you! You should start by just smiling and saying "hi" every time you see him. Occasionally try to start a conversation with him and get to know him. Overtime if you like him try spending more time together, maybe even outside of what I'm assuming is school. Eventually he might even ask you out but don't think because he isn't that means he's losing interest, he could just be very shy or insecure. Also don't be afraid to ask him out either... I'm sure he'd love that ;)


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