He was thinking about me! Does he like me?

We've had a few times where we've hungout with friends and then just on our own! We've been talking since June! He always so cute around me such as gives his jacket when I'm cold.. Anyways this was our conversation that just happened!

Me: hey:)
Crush: heyyyy
Crush:I was actually thinkin of you earlier today. Then I fell asleep for a nap and forgot to text you lol
Me: You were thinking about me earlier eh ;)?
Crush: I was! :)
Me: Isn't that just the cutest 🙊 I clearly wasn't that's why I texted you... ;)
Crush:Lol :p you didn't fall asleep. Better memory than me
Me: I try lol
So if he said he was thinking about me does he like me?


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  • There kinda isn't a 100% answer you'll only get that from him but I think it could be that he likes you just the way you 2 text you seem to have a very close connection or he could have just thought of you in any other way like was reminded of you but it's a possible sign. I hope it works out


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  • i think you should sit down and she where he wants his future to go... but do with a poker-face

  • Yeah, seems like he's crushing hard on you!

  • It's possible.


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