How come in romance movies there tends to be cheating?

People hate cheating but then why do so many romance movies feature it and people pay for it?


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  • I think because it makes it more dramatic. We wouldn't want it in real life... but in a movie they always make it seem like it is somehow ok... because the guy is bad and the girl meets her soulmate. You always see them some how legitimize the cheating or make it so you don't really realize it's bad you know? Like in Letters to Juliet, the main character kisses another guy when she's engaged but the whole movie they build up her fiance to be a self absorbed asshole so you don't really notice. It makes the story line better. Something is always entertaining when it's not happening to us directly (sadly)

  • They're movies; they contain all kinds of subject matter. They also tend to reflect and comment on real life, and like it or not cheating is something that does happen in life so people make films and stories out of it.

    It doesn't mean they're supporting cheating or that you are by watching it. You watch it and draw your own conclusions.


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