Childhood friend- does he like me or the HOT girls he's around?

I am super attracted to a family friend of mine, who I've known for 20 years. I don't know if he likes me, we would see each other once every 3 months at events. I often catch him looking at me- but he is always surrounded by the hottest girls you can think of, and although I have a very attractive face I am a little out of shape at 160 pounds. Should I ask him if he wants to grab coffee? or will he ask me if he wants to?

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  • He may be surrounded by the "hottest" girls, but that doesn't mean he's with them. You don't lose anything by asking, you lose more if you don't.


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  • He doesn't like them if they are plural (girls). If he did he would hang around 1. So go ahead ask for "coffee".


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  • I think I've commented on this earlier, but go for it. Since you have already known him for a long time, asking him out for coffee is virtually risk free. He may not find the other girls his type, although you see them as pretty. Go for it!

  • life is short take the risk ;D


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