He says he "fell for someone else" but was confused on what he wanted. He said he had fallen for me too. Could I get him back?

We had been talking for months long distance (a friend set us up) and he is in the service. He wanted me to come visit and had me look at flights. A week goes by and I didn't hear from him. I had a feeling he met someone else and just flat out asked. He said that he had met someone. He said that he had fallen for me too but was just confused in what he wanted.

is it a lost cause or could I potentially get him back? I've left him alone completely and given him space other than to let him know I made the move to a new state via snapchat only. So frustrated!


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  • If you are going to have to spend the money for a flight to see a guy that is only half interested in you, it not worth the time, money, or effort. Also the fact he is in the military makes its harder to see him in the future, if you do end up meeting him, moving from base to base and all.

  • You can potentially get him back if you try. The question will be if you want to?

    • Well and that's what I'm thinking. Within a week he goes from saying he wants me to visit to not talking at all and me having to squeeze out that he is seeing someone. But he is a pretty fantastic guy and I've never been so happy. So who knows.

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