Should I ignore this girl?

So i've noticed this girl at work keeps making glances at me all the time when I pass by or when I'm around her area. Now i know some girls just do that, but this girl makes it obvious. She also tends to look away when I pass by in front of her. I do the same as well because I don't want her to think i'm into her a lot. She's very pretty by the way. So i'm surprised that she's even into me or I think she is because i'm not good looking haha


Most Helpful Girl

  • It could be she Thinks with your Looks with 'I do the same,' she may Think that you are 'Stalking' her with your eyes, to your Surprise, @AstroZombie93, and this is why She... Makes it Obvious.
    In the future, change your whole outlook. When you 'Pass' her in the Hall, Look straight ahead and put her on your pay no mind list. If she really is Into you, she will Stop you and Say "Hey, how are you today?"
    No, you are pretty cute in fact. Personally, I would give you a shout.
    Good luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • "She's very pretty", "surprised she's into you"... hm, then why the question of should you ignore her?

    Talk to her mate!
    - make a new friend at work
    - a potential girlfriend
    - oh no, maybe u bird dropping on ur head
    And thus she stares

    Haha but no, I'd talk to her. Or say GAME ON & stare back. And then you win that staring contest at all cost sir. DO IT.


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  • She might have a crush on you😁😊


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  • Well it's possible she likes you or has an attraction on you or if you say you are not that good looking then it's possible she finds that funny, strange! but could be a possibility

  • You are good looking to 'her'. Spark up a conversation with her, see where it goes.


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