Girls, would you accept a "friend" to be your boyfriend again if he do this?

First of All Please read this first for you understand what i might doing it: girlsaskguys. com/relationships/q1656274-i-can-t-understand-her-she-says-she-says-that-she-likes-on-love-way (There is space between. com on the link, put together to make it work)

Secound (After reading it): i might ask her out (meeting lets call, ex: cinema) and on right moment i put I put on my knees and tell her this:

Dear (Name),

I come to tell you that I'm grateful to know you will a few years ago in explicadora and now we return to meet in June. We had a relationship but unfortunately ended my fault to have rushed things. Today I ask you one more opurtunidade for both of us, I dont care if you have short hair, you look like with a guy or any other shit that you think a defect because for me you have a sweet smile rather than a gum and I love you for what you are and I will accept for what you want to be now and in the future, you make my happy world with blue sky, without you it becomes gray, every time I see you fall in love with me by It again, there is no word in the dictionary to say how beautiful you are and how you mean my whole life. You and only you can you rejoice my day, you make me happy and I want to make you happy, because you deserve the world, but as I can not give you the world, I'll give you the next best thing in the world , my world as I can conquer the world with one hand since you're holding the other one, so (name) would you like to go back to being my queen of life?

and on back i put translated song that means more my feeling for her

Would you girls?
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  • Take out the thing about short hair and looking like a guy. Also, it sounds too scripted. Your real emotions aren't shining through.

    • She says she looks like a guy thats why i put it..

      Also she have short hair :/ not long hair like most of girls

      Well what should i say of my real emotions :/

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    • There's better ways of saying it. Try something like I love all your features whether or not you find them defects. You are perfect to me, every part of you.

    • Thanks :D

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