Trying to subtly get my attention?

So my friend basically tells me she has been seeing someone. Though mind you when she did tell, she had to shit test me to tell if my reaction would have been an appriopriate one. I was still taken by surprised and disappointed. We had not spoken for week and i accidentaly rang her up and the next next day she hit me up with a voice note asking if i did. Mind you her tone was not upset or anything. Keeping everything short see sent another note asking me if i can basically help her with something the following day. Told her I would but since then did not hear or see her and i didn't try contacting her at all. On the fourth day she sends me a message saying she did not go through with whatever but will still come at me to do something for her. Is she subtly trying to get my attention?


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  • Is she is she's game playing, I prefer honest communication myself, lets everyone know where they stand. Why don't you ask her what the fuck is going on

    • I have been thinking just the same but I think its too soon to throw it all out. I am going to give her sometime to say or do more.

    • Ok you are very patient :-)

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