Should I confess before going abroad?

I have a crush on this guy (A) and have had a crush on him for more than a year. However, I decided to 'give up' on this A and got into a relationship with someone else (bad relationship, ended after a month). Towards the end of my bad relationship, I started having feelings for A again.

I'm pretty sure he likes me back because when I got into abovementioned relationship, he became very cold and distant towards me (I got appointed for a leadership role and he didn't congratulate me), this coldness was probably jealousy. Also, my boyfriend suspected that A did have feelings for me, and felt very intimidated by A.

Anyway, I broke up with my boyfriend and my feelings for A started coming back to me. I still feel like he likes me (my intuition is almost always right when it comes to these things). But, he still actively talks to his ex-girlfriend, and he has said he would date her if given the chance to.

He does things like go out of his way to help me, and he treats me nicely, if I need help, he'll be the first one to volunteer help. But now the only problem is that I'm going overseas and I don't know if I should confess to him before leaving, because I'll be gone for 6 months and I don't know if it's fair for him to have to wait that long. And what if he doesn't feel the same way? Would it be awkward when I came back?

What should I do?
Any help/suggestions would be good!
Okay, I thought the question was slightly vague and so I thought I'd add more on why he may like me.

There was one time my group of friends were having a sleepover and my other guy friend B told my brother "Wow you and A have a lot in common, and both of you like *insert my name here*".

B has also asked whether or not I'd go on a date with A if A asked (and to which i stupidly replied "yeah as a friend i'd go", and A's response was "whats new?" and he shrugged)


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  • Well, it's really strange your feelings suddenly came back for that guy A. Anyways, I don't think you should confess now, because you have said it yourself that he still talks to his ex-girlfriend so he may still have feelings for her which I think he has and you also said that he would date her again if given a chance, so I don't think you should come in between this feeling, it's okay just let it go, you should have confessed it earlier but now after knowing these things don't confess now.

    Not sure what will happen, whether he will go back to his Ex or not, I don't know when you come back and if he is still single then probably you may have a chance but then you're right he may not feel the same way anymore. Hence, the situation is tricky.

    • His ex has a boyfriend so i'm not really coming in the way of that since it seems that she has pretty much moved on! But yeah. I'm thinking of waiting till we graduate but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

  • What good would it do for you to confess to him only to tell him after that you are leaving?

    • that's the issue, i don't know if it'll make it difficult for us... and also it'll be limiting our options while we're both away from each other, which may not be a good thing

    • Why not let him other people and you the same while you are away? Once you come back, you can tell him about your feelings...

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