I have no desire to kiss or touch my girlfriend?

We've been a couple for two years now and our relationship is great, but problems are starting to surface on my side. I find her attractive, but not in a romantic sense. Our relationship is lacking the romantic feel, and feels more like a friendship. This can't really be fixed because it's mainly part of her personality. I feel alone because she is so clueless and immature with relationships that she has no idea how one is supposed to be. I have talked to her about my problems, but she doesn't really understand. I broke up with her for a month and got back together recently because I don't know if i still love her. I enjoy talking to her and being with her, but deep down I desire a more serious relationship because this one feels so immature.


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  • Well there is no point if there is no romance in your relationship, if there is little to no sex that is still fine but romantic attraction has to be there, (there is a difference between romance and sex hope you know that), if the romantic attraction is completely missing then there is no point and plus you said she is immature, so you know what you have to do.

  • You need a break bro. Remember.. you can't change her. You will have to accept the way she is.
    And check if you are sexually normal.

    • I'm completely straight. Do you think I never hade a desire to touch her for two years? I would have broken up a LONG time ago if I never did.

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