Should I continue talking to him?

This guy I've been talking to keep saying "i love you" before we say goodbye. Last night he said it again i only laughed like i always do when he said it, and he told me that he doesn't love me like he wants to marry me but its more like he loves talking to me and stuffs. He also told me if he only wants sex from me he wouldn't want to spend his time talking to me on the phone and he told me he really likes me. Did he really means it?
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  • Should you continue talking to him? Well, he seems friendly and has made his intentions clear. So why not?


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  • I dont understand him

    • Exactly why im asking this question i don't understand him either

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  • Get a hold of a mutual friend and see if he's played tricks on other girls before. If he were GOOD AT BEING A PLAYER he wouldn't need to spend much time talking to you on the phone to get what he really wants. How long you've been friend/talking is also a crucial factor when trying to figure out if he's using you or really just considers you a good friend. Does he have a girlfriend?

  • Yes, I think he means it, I don't think you should doubt his words, he seems true to his word.


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