He keeps his wedding photos and her letters in his bedside drawer, is he not over he?

I've been dating this guy for about 3 months and he's older than me so he was married about 10 years but they recently got back together this winter and then broke up again for good I guess. Now I'm with him and I have a feeling maybe he's not over her because he's not opening up completely to me and he keeps their photos in his drawer and her letters. It's making me really insecure, should I ask if he still loves her


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  • Chances are, he's not completely over her. Being married to someone is a big deal, obviously he loved her and they were together for a very long time. Those feelings don't just disappear overnight.

    I do think you should talk to him though because while it's understandable that he would still have feelings for her, that's not fair to you. If he can't commit himself to you 100% then it's not fair for him to be with you while still having feelings for his ex. You should ask him about it and have a mature conversation to see where he's at right now and how he feels.


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  • It surely doesn't seem like he's over her. Sorry to say. I understand being married and wanting to hold onto sentimental things, but keeping them by his bed means he's keeping them close so he has easy access. I don't doubt that he still loves her. And I also think you should tell him how you feel and maybe give him some space.

  • It's not for good. He's not over her. You're the rebound


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