Ever get turned off by someone's FB?

I met this guy last weekend at my friend's party. He hung out with me most of the afternoon/evening. He seemed like a nice and funny guy. He kept complimenting me a lot and it was clear he was interested in me. But, unfortunately nearing the end of the night, we got separated and some other annoying guy started talking to me so I ended up walking away and I lost the original guy that I was hanging out with. I thought about him a lot and wondered if I would ever see him again. Well, I was on an FB hiatus because of an ex but decided to get back on. When I get on I see him on my suggested friends list. I looked at his profile and I don't know why I got turned off haha. It's not that he was doing weird stuff exactly but all of his pics were of himself alone at home. I can't quite figure out why that makes me a little wary but it does...

Has that ever happened to you? Should I even care what his FB is like since we hit it off in person? Am I being picky haha?


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  • Perhaps it's just his personal preference, albeit a slightly strange one.
    While it does seem weird that *all* of his pictures are of himself alone at home, if he wasn't doing strange things then it's all good. Perhaps it merits a little more caution at the start?
    I'd suggest getting to know more about him first though.


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