Never drink and text!

So there has been non-stop flirting with me and a certain guy, we quite obviously like each other and have a thing, slept together...yadda, yadda.

Then the other night he messaged me to wish me a happy birthday and we were texting all night (bad idea on birthday nights). So I woke up, still half drunk, and read the end of the conversation which went something like this...

Me: Yeah. Ok. Whatever. You're all talk mister, you haven't tried to hang out with me since.

Him: Nora, nora. nora, false, false, false. We will hang out, I'm not trying to be the bad guy here.

Me: Just saying...if you like me, step the f*** up.

WHO SAYS THAT!? Damn alcohol...

Aaaand we haven't talked since. So now I'm freaking out a little and would like to repair the damage but don't know how.

Tips? Advice? Boys what would you think if a girl you had a thing with said that to you?


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  • he hasn't talked to you since so it might have stung a little harder than it seems. That was disrespectful, and out of place. He may not even understand why you were coming off so neurotic and hostile, that alone is enough for a guy to cut communication.

    • That really sucks because my intention wasn't to disrespect him at all but it was out of line. I just hope he chalks it up to me being stupid and drunk.

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  • The best thing you can do is talk to him face-to-face and sincerely apologize. Let him know that you do like him and the context of your messages were wrong. However, make sure he gets the point that you do want to hang out more--if he likes you like you like him then he should be putting in a little more effort!

    Best, - link

  • Did you mean what you said? I don't mean did you mean to say what you said because obviously you didn't but do you think that what you said is true? They say that alcohol brings out the truth...

    • No! He knows I'm frustrated because we haven't spent time together outside of work much but...I don't even know what 'step the f*** up' means 'cause it's not like I'm looking for us to start dating anytime soon. Ugh what a mess.

    • Yikes, the liquor really f***ed you over.... :/

      I agree with what friendlyadvice said, if he likes you he will forgive you.

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