What now? And what happens from tonight?

We chatted for 3 weeks and tonight we met for the first time , we chatted and had a lovely evening then he kissed me and that went on for a while lol. We held hands and and hugged , after he left he messaged me to see if I got home ok. He's lovely but what happens now? he even wanted to take a selfie of us together but lighting was poor lol. This is the first date I have ever had !! As I was in a long relationship beforehand. I don't know if this means we are together or?
He texted to tell me I'm gorgeous inside and out :)


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  • Next you go on a second date and third and fourth and fifth amd so on. You shouldn't think too much and should focus on enjoying spending time with him.

  • i'd look into my magic crystal ball and let you know


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