We were about to kiss?

a girl I worked with for ages we got on like a house on fire when I got to know her she left anyway because of a new job I told her friends I liked her one night the following week I met her and told her I liked her and we were about to kiss but her friend butted in we were fairly drunk and I got taxi home with the 2 of them ,the following week she ignored me altogether maybe she didn't notice the friend butted in and taught I was playing her not sure, so after that I decided to do the same and start ignoring her when one of her best friends I was talking to at the bar said me that x really likes me so I decide to try and make conversation when we met again and she just avoided me on purpose , I'm confused because I had kinda given up on her ,but now her friend said that I tried again but she still ignored and avoided me and it was her best friend


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  • well be straight forward, go to her and say "hey I like you, but every time I try to act on this awesome feeling I get turned down by you, is the feeling mutual and if so do you want to try this out" of course I'm not sayign say that literally but you get the gist. If she goes for it then try you never know but if she doesn't want to jump on the bandwagon then let her go , maybe there is a reason, or maybe she doesn't like you , but there is no use in continuous rejection, so make one big old try and then after that if its not reciprocated walk away and keep moving :)


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