Why do cute white girls and unattractive black girls notice me, but cute black girls don't?

Seriously, like, say, if I'm outside on a given day, jogging in the park, for instance, it's always cute white girls that seem to notice me, but never cute black girls, they just ignore me, what gives, shouldn't it be the other way around? And, if I were walking around my neighborhood, it's always really unattractive black girls that notice me, but, again, not the cute ones, what the hell. It's not fair, when I was more into white girls only black girls noticed me, now that I'm more into black girls only white girls notice me, why does shit like this always have to happen?


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  • What the hell do you mean "it should be the other way around" ? Are cute black girls so beneath cute white girls and/or you that they should definitely be noticing you, while cute white girls would understandably not be interested (if they weren't) or not show a lot of interest? Yeah, okay. I'm not sure how you meant it, but thats how I took it. Its not a big deal, but I do think you sound like you feel you're entitled to attention from someone. People tell me I'm beautiful and I'm black, and no one should feel like it should just be a fact that I must notice them. If they do, they can go fuck themselves because that attitude alone would get a major "next" from me. Work on your personality first, then worry about how "cute" the girls are who notice you. I know you're a teenager, but it's never too early to start becoming a better human being. Good luck.

    • Nope, I just think it'd make more sense for a black girl to be into a black guy.

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    • Manhattan has predominantly black neighborhoods too, technically.

      To each their own. You like what you like.

      Not really, because not being attracted to men of the same race doesn't fit the definition of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a contradiction between what you say you believe and how you act. Being black isn't a claim or belief, it's just the way I was born. I've never been into black guys though. Nothing wrong with them, I'm just usually not sexually or romantically attracted.

      I think once you go to college, you'll definitely meet more people and mutual attractions. I know if can be hard to change up your social circle in high school, but I think its much better to socialize than rely on people who look at you while jogging. Much more substantial foundation to relationships of any kind, unless you're just looking to hook up.

    • Except, I don't live in Manhattan, so I stands to reason that I go to Manhattan for recreation, which would be places like 42nd Street or Central Park, or I go to school, which I stated is predominantly white.

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  • Based on your description, I'm assuming you're at least a somewhat attractive black male. And if that's true, then I think it's because ugly black girls and white girls want what they can't have. The ugly black girls want you because you look good and white girls want you because it's exotic (to them). You have to work for the cute black girls. You may be surprised about how much they want you though once you break through. I'm black and still go through this same thing.

    • Well, I at least think I'm attractive, like, whenever I go jogging I'm usually wearing a lot less clothing so my muscles are easier to see (I'm not even that muscular, I just have a good figure and muscle-y arms). Though I also have a light skin tone.

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  • I love white guys and I DO NOT think I am unattractive! Honestly I really don't know exactly how to answer you question. I do wish you the best of luck☺!

    • I'm black

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    • Lol okay☺.

    • Seriously, most girls do, black guys are almost completely undesired for anything but this that fetishizes their racial stereotypes

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  • I Get noticed by all girls. lol. just kidding. but when I was in high school there were a couple of girls that really liked me but I was to dumb realize it. they actually thought high school me was attractive hahahha.


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