Girls, I got rejected today and feel good your opinions?

i know its ass backwards but i asked a girl out today at work she said she had a boyfriend and i just kept on with my day as i was doing in fact i felt more confident after getting rejected.


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  • That doesn't surprise me. You probably just feel good and maybe proud that you actually worked up the courage to ask her out. Even though you got rejected, I still think you have the right to feel some pride over not chickening out.

  • That's a really good thing. It helped build your confidence & that's what it should do. With your confidence you'll find the right girl one day.

    • for once i feel like its her thats missing out

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    • 😂😂 omg but you're probably right. Maybe you should've flashed her... Jk don't ever do that

    • yeah cause im biracial black/white her boyfriend is white

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