Confused. please help?

so me and this guy have been going out on what i thought were dates for 2 months, well last week i asked what we were, if we are friends with benifits because we are sleeping together or if we are dating. he said we are dating but it doesn't mean its going to lead to a relationship. Well last night we were cuddling and and i said "im glad im dating a nice guy like you" he replys "wait, we are dating" this instantly but a big rock in my stomach. I said "yeah, dont you remember the conversation we had last week?" he said he doesn't, and that he isn't looking for a relationship right now. what made him change his mind? or was he not being serious last week? did he get cold feet? so confused. we've been doing things that seemed like dates, and he has several times called them dates too.


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  • He thought "dating" meant "going on dates" since he distinguished it from being in a relationship; and you thought "dating" meant "in a relationship." I'm not sure why he confused his own definitions; that's his fault.


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  • I don't think he wants anything serious or exclusive with you. If you're looking for a relationship, I suggest you look elsewhere because this guy is not going to give you what you want and you're just going to end up more hurt the longer this goes on.


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  • He's just not too bright


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