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Girl and I from work have obviously been into each other for a while. A few weeks ago we finally went out to dinner but nothing happened. Since then a bit of drama happened because of scheduling and stuff and nothing has happened since. She started to act distant so earlier in the week I basically asked what's up with us? We fixed the drama and she said this, "lets start from scratch as friends, take it slow and let things happen naturally". Things started to pick up again we're teasing each other again, eye contact, laughing at corny jokes, etc...

Anyway, so I thought that was awesome I like this girl and don't want to screw it up. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to go out today and she said she'd get back to me because she might have something going on. Haven't heard from her whatsoever.

Opinions? Did I ask her out too soon again, am I being let off nicely? But if someone says let things happen naturally that has to be a good sign, right? Also what should I do? I guess ask her out for next weekend again and see where I'm at?


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  • Yes, it sounds like you jumped the gun. She obviously didn't want to hang out this weekend so why in the heck would you ask about next weekend?

    You might as forget this one and move on before things become awkward at work.

    • Well she might actually be busy. I forgot to add she did say let's continue to hang and stuff so.. dunno what's going on.

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