Ships in the night?

So have you ever discovered that someone you have never met and yourself have been extremly close to meeting any number of times? Ships passing silently in the night as it were. Whether it is just someone who would be a friend, someone you would want to date, or just someone you have been told about by friends or family. But for what ever reason you never actually meet this person.

I have always heard the saying and have heard a few stories over the years but never put much stock in it outside it helping to be the plot in some cheesy romance novels. Recently I realized though that I have actually come extremly close to meeting someone several times. All very different circumstances that would of lead us to meeting. It fasinated me to realize it and the more I looked the more events I found it was kind of funny. It put a smile on my face.

So anyway have you ever just missed meeting someone several times? Did you ever finally meet them?


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  • never happened to me.


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