Ex boyfriend wrote me all of a sudden -should I answer?

6 yers ago i had boyfriend, we were together about half a year and lived together and even planned to get married...
but didn't work out.
I moved out and we broke up.
After tthat we were very angry for each other and sometimes i wrote him how he was wrong and he wrote me the same...
but in a year he met a girlfriend and i met new boyfriend...
And we chat and he told me that he getting married, i said i have a boyfriend too..
His wife found me on facebook and asked me silly questions... like why i broke up with him...

And recently after 6 years from our break-up he all of a sudden write me "how how r u, would love to hear from u"
I didn't even recognise who it was for the 1st couple minutes...

so strange? what should i answer?


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  • dont answer.


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