I have a type, but none of them are attracted to me?

I grew up at a preppy mixed with redneck private school so as a teenager (and at a new school) now I tend to talk and act white not only that it molded my type for guys (that sounds shallow it's not meant to be) that I like. a lot of the guys that I and date are white guys but since high school started (I'm a junior now) no guy my type will even look at me. I've tried to give the black guys that's tried to talk to me a chance but I felt absolutly no attraction and they always brought up about how I talk and dress. I don't know what to do because I fit in with white guys more than black guys but like I said no one will even even look at me plus prom is coming up this year and I need a lot of tips for getting someone


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  • So you like white guys but they dont seem to like you or you like black guys and they are not into you.

    • the first one

    • Oh, well what the hell is wrong with the white dudes at your school. At my school, they go around trying to screw everyone lol, even the gay ones chase after the ddes they like lmfao. I dont know, maybe you should should go up to a guy who you think is cute but know is trustworthy and tell him he is cute and that you would be happy if he took you to prom. I promise you the guy won't turn you down.

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  • you're still young, you will find one.


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  • I dont think race has anything to do with anything

    • yeah It does, I'm from the south a lot of people love to see black/black and white/white or whatever race you are and barely consider anyone other than that race because of the typical black stereotypes

    • So what the hell, i thought the south wasn't racist anymore.

    • nope its still racist just not as bad and not as "out there" like there were a group of men protesting with the confedarate flag on the side of the road yelling at the black people who passed by lol its sad

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