Guys, my boyfriend said im his girl but does not like labelling our status. He said he does not see me as someone he would marry?

Why... He said that... Its bc he is not ready to marry bc he wants to accomplish his goals... He wants also to marry in 5 years n it seems to change last month he said he would marry in two years... Whats going on... I feel he does like me but bc in the past the girl froends were not cool... Cud he b scared?


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  • possibly, but if he says you aren't his type to marry, then, you might be a side chick believe it or not.

    • I thought it was because he is not ready... Also bc of the fact... Wen i told him... since he is not ready... Shud we go our own ways... He said no but dont ask me he said... Ask urself... Sigh

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    • I dunno hmm...

    • Think about it..

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