Who to believe? Im going INSANE!

Okay, so I've been dating a girl on and off for about 3-4 years. In the period when we aren't together, I pretty much just chill out and don't get attached until we decided to get back together. But she goes through several boyfriends. When I ask her why, she says that she was just trying to get over me, but it didn't work. Should I be worried about that?

Another thing, all my friends and family think she is horrible for me, and basically a slut. I've never had any experiences to suggest that, but I'm pretty much wrapped around her finger so I might not be noticing things I should be. Do I go with my friends and family, or do I believe her?


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  • Honestly your best bet is your gut feeling I would think. But, then again - saying you are wrapped around her feeling, it is totally possible for you to not be seeing the bad and only the good. If she goes thru several boyfriends, she may be on the. I don't want to say slutty side. But I guess I will have to. I can understand where she is coming from because I've been there as well, and to her, it is most likely a way to get you jealous, get a reaction out of you. In my situation I was waiting on the guy for almost 6 years. He'd tell me he loved me, wanted to be with me, but couldn't at the time,. I finally let him go and we are great as friends now. But maybe you should talk about what you both really want out of this.


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