Why do women date these kind of men? will they even last?

Been noticing a huge trend of this.

I understand we live in a social media dominated society where everyone contacts by text messages/Instagram DMs/Facebook messages, and girls get hit up a lot. I've tried to be original though when hitting up a girl. Lately though I noticed (sometimes) when i hit up a girl, IMMEDIATELY i get an angry insecure response from her boyfriend messaging me back from her app/phone going "Yeah she has a boyfriend, you can **** off"

Like really? If I dated a girl that told other girls "Yeah he has a girlfriend, **** off" i'd gtfo that relationship and go find someone not that insecure and controlling.

Some of them became violent straight away too when i called them out on being rude. one told me he wanted to split my head open with a bat when i told him that his girl probably wouldn't like him reacting like that.

the weird thing too is after looking to see who their boyfriend is, i've seen they've been together for a year or more, like how could she even stay with a guy like that?


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  • Because they approach...


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  • Women like to feel protected. Also why did you keep messaging after you found out they were in relationships?

    • Where does it say i messaged them after finding out they have a boyfriend? i said i would message them, then IMMEDIATELY get an angry rude response from their boyfriend (who i didn't know they had obviously)

    • " i called them out on being rude. "

    • Because their immediate response was something rude?

      I don't understand how this question is hard to understand

      (first message) Me: Hi
      Her boyfriend: fuck off loser
      Me: rude
      Her boyfriend: go die

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  • What psychopaths! Yeah, guys in general tend to be a LOT more possessive about their girlfriends than the other way round, but this kind of behavior is uncalled for. Maybe this 'violent' nature of these guys attract the girls to them.

  • I say you try to fuck their girls.


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