Are we dating? What are we?

So this guy "M" and I have been friends for over a year now, and last year he would like touch me and my friend's butts and boobs and stuff a lot and it didn't like bother us cause I dunno. It was just whatever. Last year he told my friend "you don't want a boyfriend and I don't want a girlfriend sooo" and then he kinda did the same thing to me but not trying to hook up. I think he was just messing with her though. Well anyways, this year he's been holding my hand and asking for me to kiss him and stuff. So we've kissed and made out and whatever, and we were holding hands and someone asked if we went out and we're both like lol no. Then last night, we were kissing and holding hands and someone asked if we went out again, and I looked up at "M" and he looked at me and then we looked at the kid and shrugged our shoulders like we don't know. We haven't talked about it or really felt like talking about it so I dunno. He'll walk me to class sometimes and he always stops me at lunch and on the way to class to talk and stuff. Anyways, I don't know what we are exactly, but he hasn't touched anyone's butt or anything but my own since school has started back this year. Sorry this is ridiculously long, but oh well?


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