Girl resurfaces after nearly 2 months of NC?

I was casually on/off dating this chick for a couple months NSA, just keeping things chill and she started blowing me off. So when she didn't respond to a text of mine, I left it at that, hoping it'd fade and Id stop letting her amazing ass and body in general cloud my judgement.

About a month and a half go by and this morning she shot me a test saying the following: "Hey :) How've you been? Sorry I've been so busy. Fall is going to be even worse. -.-". I mean did she just send me a text 2 months later to further reject me or say she misses me lmao? She always seemed to enjoy our time together and was down for keeping things casual and fun. And I find it funny she mentions she has been busy, as I have been like 10x busier working 2 jobs and juggling an internship/etc. Should I give in, what should I say? I mean, she is cool, nerdy, dorky/etc.

I am just not down for a repeat?
Any retorts I can send perhaps, such as something like "Oh, hey stranger."
Or just keep the NC, I mean if I dont text her back, I won't look like a dick since she did the same aha

Fuck these games by the way, I need to fucking meet other chicks aha.
Another thing is that she could just be pruning for attention, and thats the last shit I need right now.


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  • If you are not down for a repeat, then why bother?

    "Just reply, "Hey, I know the feeling, but life's good" with two winking emojis and leave it at that.


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