Is he ghosting me or is he taking time out and being a typical boy?

So I met this guy about three weeks ago. We had matched months before on a couple of dating apps, and swapped numbers but had never physically met. I bumped into him in a bar and we started dancing etc... One thing led to another and he ended up staying over. Yes it did lead to sleeping with each other but it was fun and he hung around the following day etc.

We have spoken everyday In the eve, and have gone on some other dates and have been really good. He has never rushed off and has even said that he has had fantastic times. The last date wee discussed each other's plans for the weekend. Him saying he was with parents and his brother ( the brother apparently knows about me). I said well maybe we could make some plans but to let me know otherwise I can do something else.

we text as normal on the Thursday and Friday. Friday I sent a message in the morning with general chat and then asked about the weekend. He got back when he was finishing work and said he was with his parents that night but didn't suggest anything about the weekend which is totally cool.

i sent quite a long message back just saying I Had plans and was meeting two sets of friends and I sounded busy. He never got back, even though he's aid he would, with regard to a portfolio blog online of mine that I wanted some feedback on.

he's been online since and has read the message. I have done the bunny boiler thing of checking his FB this morning and his sister tagged a picture of them having drinks so he has been busy I get that. Is he testing the waters, blanking for a while or ghoasting. I'm really chilled with guys and I am not needy, even though this message may seem it. I just freak out privately and I wait for a response with texts


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  • Everything you did sounds normal to me. Waiting for reciprocation from someone you're interested in can be torturous if they are taking their time. Give him a little time and space, maybe text a 'hello' in a couple of days to let him know you are keeping in touch, and see if he opens up a conversation. It's normal for him to pull back a little.

    • I think it's some strange conditioning from all those guys from my 20's. He seems like a nice guy on superficial level. And it would be a shame for me to think he is just another 'dick'. I am pretty laid back on a super filial level too but inside I'm thinking "I hate this stage of getting to know each other" it's an uncomfortable ride for me personally.

  • Are you both from same ethnic background? If no than that may be a problem with his relatives.

    • Yeah we are the same

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    • I am old-fashioned. But if I were to sleep with someone if means I will be with the same person and not change everyday. And yes we are from different cultures and ethnicity.
      But that doesn't change one thing i. e him being a one night stand has nothing to do with digital world. And if you have doubts than just forget him. And go for a more decent person.
      Even in the most advanced countries, I still think being loyal is a trait not forgotten. One night stand is more of a hypocrisy in my opinion. A human being is not a machine that can be changed like cars or mobile sets every now and than.
      But if you really want to be with him. be patient. And if you want to look for a special person in your life. You will not find him anywhere. You will not be at peace if you do keep doing this.

    • To answer the original question. He is being typical. He is having doubts. That is all

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