Girls, What is your view on a heavy set (fat) guy asking you out?

I have seen and experienced it before. Two men, one heavy set and one muscular man both ask out the same girl at different times. The fat guy is a sweet caring person and is rejected without even thinking twice. While the good looking guy can be a complete ass and he still gets the date.
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  • Why does everyone assume that because a guy is fit that he's an asshole? I never understood that. That's just as much stereotyping as it is to say every fat person is a lazy slob. Secondly, why do we act like it's so horrible to have physical standards? I don't judge or hate people for being "fat", but I'm not attracted to it, and I don't have to be obligated to like a guy based SOLELY on the fact that he's "nice." This debate is extremely old. Most of these people only go for girls they find attractive, no? So why is it okay for either gender to expect their partner to be attractive but not the other?

    In the event a fat nice guy and a muscular douche asked me out, I'd say no to both, for the record.


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  • If a fat guy asked me out, I would politely decline , even though I'd feel really bad about it. Nothing against fat people in general, but I couldn't date one, cause sorry, but I'm not attracted to them at all, it's a deal-breaker. If it's shallow, so be it, but I personally believe no one should force themselves to be with someone they're not physically attracted to.

    That being said, if a good looking guy (I'm not gonna say muscular like in your question, cause muscles don't do shit for me, I very much prefer skinny guys) asked me out and he seemed like an asshole, I would not agree to go on a date. Unattractive personality is just as much of a turn off as unattractive body, perhaps even more so.

    For things to work, the person needs to have the whole package. I wanna be with a guy I'm madly attracted to both physically and mentally.

  • Is the fat guy cute? Honestly I've been attracted to a few heavy set guys. Chris Pratt, Seth Rogen, and others I can't remember. I could see me saying yes to a chubby guy, depends really.

    Tbh I'd sleep with the hottie, doesn't mean I wouldn't give the big guy a chance.

  • i was fat before and hate being fat..
    fat people smell bad because of sweat and in general their life style is lazy.. i don't want to be dragged back to that life.. soo no i wouldn't.

  • I don't mind dating heavier guys at all. They're way more fun and comfortable to cuddle.

  • It really depends on how fat you're talking. I would date someone who is either trying to improve themselves and succeeding, or someone who is pretty decent (chubby, that kind of thing). If it is a genetic problem, then yes, but it depends on the personality. Physical attraction without any real, deep love just seems so hallow and bare. I want someone who I can show my inner most self to and still be accepted and loved. I would date a fat guy who genuinely care about me over a super fit sexy guy who just wants to use and abuse me.

  • if the guys was confident .. held an intelligent conversation.. was polite and respectful i would date him without any hesitation


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