This is weird or he is trying to get a reaction?

After chatting for 3 weeks we met last night and it went well. We kissed he held my hand , but because he lives an hour away I told him I don't think I would be able to handle the distance and he doesn't drive but I like him ! He said he was gutted be didn't really seem that bothered. Then he told me he was back on the dating site were we met and was talking to two other women , I said I was happy for him , then he sent me the pictures of the women :/ made me feel awkward so I time they look nice and pretty and I hope it works out for him. Was he trying to get me jealous?


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  • Yup. Or he is just a dork without any sence.

    • Yeah it hurt a little but I've told him I hope he finds someone nice and for him to take care. I'm moving on 👌🏽

    • Thats a healthy attitute good luck!

    • Thank you

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