Guys, Is it true that Drunk words are sober thoughts?

i have a guy friend that i hang out with /go clubbing with sometimes. he's engaged its a weird situation. i am also friends with his fiance. she doesn't seem to care. in fact a lot of the times she's our DD when we go out. anyway i don't think of him romanticlly at all but when he's drunk and he's finace isn't around he gets really flirty./handsy. like smacking my ass and trying to feel my boobs, and once he was jsut rubbing my face with the back of his hand and saying you know i like you. i like you a lot.. i always act like i don't remember anything the next day or like it never happened and hope he was too drunk to remember himself. he's never brought it up. but he seems to remember everything else!.. lol. i just wonder if its true though do are drunk words and actions sober thoughts?


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  • Yes, I've come to believe it's true.

    The funniest example of this was probably when some male feminist mangina kept complaining about misogyny and objectification in some tiny corner of recreational media or another, then when he got drunk he began messaging women really overtly sexual e-mails and all the shit he wanted to do to one woman in particular.

    I'm not a massive fan of alcohol, but it's a good equaliser for when you know somebody's full of shit.


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