Recently been seeing a beautiful new girl, things were going brilliantly, but due to my stupidity I've now messed things up and want to get her back?

It started 3 months ago. I met a girl on a night out, and we got talking and became friends on FB. We had a lot in common, but the problem is she's a foreign girl who moved here to be with a guy, who she lived with. This guy was horrible, took drugs, never took her out, was always swearing/shouting at. We went out a few times, then she eventually broke up with him and we started going out eating, travel etc. I helped her move out, though she made it clear she only wanted to date for the time being, be single and not have a boyfriend at this point (they were together 2 years). We got on brilliantly, she talked about taking me to her city, meeting her friends and travelling to cities together etc. We were at a point where we held hands in public and acted like a couple. She met my friends and got on with them. We were exclusive.

A month ago we went on a night out for a birthday and I got drunk. I saw her talking with other guys and perhaps became too much when I kept asking her where she was etc. After that, we didn't see each other for a week, so I asked her what was going on with us. She said she wanted a break for a bit, but still wanted to date me. She wanted a 2 week break, which seemed like a good idea to me. Unfortunately, being an idiot I messaged her during the first week a few times, to ask if she wanted to go out, and for stupid conversation reasons. The 2nd week I left her alone. A week ago, we met again and went to the cinema, bit awkward but we got on. Then the following week (just gone) I was asking if she'd like to go out again etc. It got to a point where she was sharp with replies, and then went just ignoring me. It came to a head Friday when I demanded to know where I stood. She said that due to that night and me being too much, she didn't want to see me anymore.

She going back home next week for a week. I really want to start seeing this girl again as we were good together. I'm planning to not talk for a month, then try again.
So I did mess this up a bit when browsing through Tinder (to try and distract myself) and saw her there so said a few things (nothing bad mind). Will give her the cold shoulder now for 3 weeks then try. Still determined to get her back.


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  • You're being a bit obsessive and clingy, from what I just read. You need to work on controlling your urge to see her all the time. Give her some space, with you not around.

    • I was terribly so, and I now recognise that. We were at different points in out lives at that moment. I do want to give her space for a while, and I feel I need that too. I'm planning a month (it's going to be hard), is that a good amount of time? I just need to distract myself in the mean time!

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    • It wasn't exactly a good signing off last Friday. It was abrupt, but I tried to respond in a mature manner and that I accept her opinion, though she does know I'm still very keen on her. I haven't spoken to her since last Friday, and I won't for another month. Thank you for your help, Anonymous user!

    • No problem-o :)

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