Dating: I'm too cautious/guarded (Fear of vulnerability/rejection)?

I care a lot about the guy I'm dating these past couple months, and have been holding back because I'm afraid of making the mistake I made in my last relationship and giving too much of myself. It was my first relationship, but I was a huge pushover and put more effort into the relationship than he did. Needless to say he was an asshole and it turned toxic fast.

So now with this guy I'm afraid of screwing up... We're both the same way. He said he broke it off with the last girl he dated because she was "too demanding", and it made me a tad paranoid. However, he's shy, but gives me verbal affirmation and trusted me enough to tell me how he feels about me numerous times, but I have more trouble with that- just putting myself out there and being vulnerable. I care about him deeply and am getting a bit better, but I sort of just shut down and mostly wait for him to initiate things when it comes to things like physical touch or texting. I show affection by bringing him into my world, paying for dates, opening up about myself and cuddling the hell out of him when we're together. Like, he looked so giddy when I gave him his birthday gift the other day and immediately pre-ordered mine a few months ahead of time to be delivered to my house when he's away at school.

How do I get over these insecurities? I'm so lucky he's patient with me, but we're both still so awkward with one another. I feel like I'm not giving him enough feedback, but I don't want to overwhelm him?
Dating: I'm too cautious/guarded (Fear of vulnerability/rejection)?
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