I think I'm dating my ex? I need some help before I get hurt?

My ex and I have started talking and hanging out again. I've been getting a lot of mixed messages from him. The first time we hung out we were only suppose to get coffee but we up hanging out for 5 hours. He told me that he still cares about me and wants us to be in each others lives. He also said all he can offer right now is friendship. That he can't even consider us dating until he knows I have the self-esteem I deserve. (I've worked on the area of concern) He said and that isn't a promise. We layed on my bed and he held me and kissed me on the cheek. The next time I went over to his place and we watched a movie. We stayed up till about 4 in the morning talking to each other. He told me to stay over. We layed down in bed and he kissed me! I couldn't believe it! Then he held me all night like he use to. The next day I asked if we could be exclusive and he said we can't go from one extreem to the other and that I suggested we slowly date. I see him actively on his dating profile and the idea of him with another girl kills me. He told me we can do something in the next coming weeks. We are both back at grad school and he isn't sure what his schedule will be like. (School begins this week)

I know he cares about me but he seems so hesitant about making plans and texting. He use to text me all the time and we would see each other almost everyday when we were together. I want us to be close again. If he cares then why such distance?


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  • Why did you break up before?

    • We were getting into meaningless fights. It was usually me. I was very self-conscious over his feelings for me. I really worked with myself after we broke up because I didn't realize how much I was hurting him. It was my fault and I have apologized for it. I'm so lost. One minute I'm fine and then the next I wonder why he hasn't texted me in days or set-up plans to see me. That's what I was use to with him. So to not hear from him on a regular basis feels like I'm just some other girl.

    • Let me add. When we first met he chased me down! He wanted to see me everyday, wanted to text all day. This never stopped once we were in a relationship. He doesn't do those things anymore.

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  • Just move on.


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