A guy liking your posts when he has a girlfriend?

Girls, if a guy was liking a specific girls instagram posts all the time, and youve been together for a while, would you be concerned or annoyed?

And guys, if you were with your girlfriend for a long time (on and off) and a girl you used to like becomes friends with you on instagram, would you be liking every picture she posts yet not like other friends pictures that much?

Only asking because I'm the girl that started following the guy (our parents were best friends growing up) whom I barely speak to or rarely seen growing up, but all my cousins are friends with him so i decided to follow him on instagram, and ever since any picture i post he liked immediately. And considering he used to have a crush on me I thought it was odd. Now I didn't know he was still with his girlfriend because there was no pictures, so the minute I liked one of his pictures, he posted a picture of his girlfriend.

Anyone else find that odd? I don't like him that way, but just thought that was odd..

opinions please!


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  • Smdh, shady.

    The fact that you find this odd is a grand reflection of your value system. It's an indication that you respect other women and are considerate towards other people's relationships. Kudos to you girl! Give yourself a pat on the back!

    If my boyfriend was liking a specific girl's instagram posts all the time despite the length of our relationship, I would feel subliminally disrespected. If he's continuously liking "any picture she posts" then that means for whatever reason, she is constantly on his mind. I think that's shady as hell. I don't like shady, sneaky, subliminal behavior like that so I call it out immediately.


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  • It is normal. If someone likes your post it means he likes your post, İt doesn't mean he wants to marry you. Just keep on mind ok?

  • It's not a big deal.


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