Guys, Soooo GUYS is this guy really into me? What do u think?

So me & this guy have been texting facetiming & talking on the phone a lot like all day for about a month now! & Friday was the first time we met up to hang out together! We were talking on the phone the whole time I was driving to his house because he wanted to make sure I wasn't getting lost! So he said he was gonna meet me at the end of his street! So I followed him down the street to his house & when I got there he came to my car & couldn't stop smiling!! He had already told me on the phone that "when u get here I'm probably gonna be blushing" & I was like awwww! So I got out & hugged him & we were giggling & stuff so we went into his place & he was showing me pics of his family & his room & his tats & what they signify ! So then I was making him laugh a lot & when we were in his room, & he was talking & then he said "oh my gosh I can't stop smiling" so then I hugged him & held onto him & then I just went for it & kissed him! we had talked about how we can't wait to kiss each other & touch each other so I went for it! & we kissed & started making out & he threw me on the bed & got ready to pull my pants down but I stopped him lol so then we went to the living room to watch tv & he was telling me how much likes me & he ditched his friends to hang with me! So I layed on him & he rubbed my hair & we held hands & I was just staring at him & he was avoiding looking at me & he was like nah cuz I can't stop smiling! & I was like why & he said cuz he's always thinking about me! So then i kissed him softly & passionately & one thing lead to another & we had some great sex lol! So after a while his friends drove up & I was just leaving & he didn't want me to go lol! We were making out by my car & he was holding me & his friends were about to leave him lol! So then after I left he called like 7 minutes later! & later that same night he texted how much he likes me & he had so much fun! & the next day he called me & told me he misses me ! So, How much does he really like me?


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  • Yes i feel like he is a great guy for you. Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun


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