How to ask for a guys number?

I just recently got out of a 5 year relationship so I feel kind of new to the whole dating thing.

Im a mentor for a young child and took him rock climbing last Sunday, I found myself instantly attracted to our rock climbing instructor, who at 1 point suggested that I bring some friends along for a session, he also went to the front desk to say goodbye and kind of rubbed my back before he went back inside (I dont know if this means anything? Again, its been a while and I dont really know what the signals are)

I really want to see him again but its hard to get friends together to go rock climbing (a lot of them are in hospitality so they work crazy hours) and I dont live in the same city either.

Should i just be patient and wait until some friends are available to go one day and somehow discreetly slip him my number (I feel like this is the best possible option however it may be a couple of months before I'm able to go which is quite a while to wait) or my other option is to just phone the rock climbing company, ask to speak to him and give him my number? I feel like calling the company is inappropriate though?

Another thing is, if i do manage to go and phone to book a climbing session, is it inappropriate to ask if we can have him as our rock climbing instructor? Im so confused


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  • "Hey, can you give me your number?"

    • Um, no! Are you suggesting that I'm easy or are you just a troll? Thanks for the advice!

    • I misinterpreted your message. Yeah but how do I do that if it's not easy to see him and I dont have his contact details?

    • @guyadvicefromguy sorry I'm new to this site.

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