I think I do better with women abroad than locally. Why is that?

Next year I will be 30 years old and I never had dated. I have sort of a shy personality and kind of quiet but I'm very cool and down to earth person. However, I never had a date with any girl from America and as I get older gets frustrating and seems I will never be able to have my own family. So I decide to sign up for a dating website where I can meet women abroad and I had few women from Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Italy and Poland view me and some even too the courage to message me first. I met one girl from Belarus and we been chatting for a year and seem we bond well and I'm planning to take a trip for 2 weeks to go see her. It seems I do much better with women outside of the USA and not in the USA. I also did some reading on the internet that there are several men out there that had the same experience. She is the first person that exhibit romantic interest in me and could be my first romantic partner.


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  • Well thats very nice. You should go for it. But dont get your hopes too high tho.


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  • Hmm... well, at first I was going to agree with you but your view of this is a little distorted based on the following:

    These women all have a REASON to talk to you. They are on these International Dating websites to meet people outside their country. They have something to gain from leaving their present situation, whatever it is. THAT is why these chicks are talking to you; it's not because you necessarily get along better with them.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they're all bad. I've seen documentaries on these international dating sites and apparently lots of those women are just tired of the bullshit drama in their countries, so they think they can scores a sweetheart American or whatever. That's believable, because lots of American dudes think the same about foreign women.

    All I'm saying is to not put all your eggs in one basket here. Stay aware of your surroundings and what's going on. Don't just plunge forward. You have to protect yourself, alright?

    But yes, I think that foreign women in general are different than Americans. They seem more open minded, more forgiving in certain respects, more loyal. You also have to remember that the girls in the countries you mentioned have it pretty rough. Bad economies, crime... so they appreciate good guys with some stability in their lives. American girls, in general, don't appreciate good/stable guys. Their lives are so stable that they go out looking for the bad boys because they want excitement. So you see? That's why you do better with foreign women. They appreciate you. That's basically the bones of it dude.


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