Will you wait for her? or is it too much pressure for you to take?

so if a girl decides not to have sex with you, because she doesn't feel ready for it, but you think she's very attractive and has a sexy body (beside her personality that attracts you well), will you wait for her? or is it too much pressure for you to take?

again, you think that she is worth while, smart, attractive, personality, you've been dating her not for too long but you know she's a+


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  • Do not do anything you are not ready to do. It won't make him stick around any longer. If that is all he wants, it's better for you to not give it to him and let him walk.


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  • if I get this feeling within me that is sorta like a spark between us and I know that the girl is definitely worth it, then yea I'd definitely wait for her...plus she's got a hot body then its worth the wait...just don't make him wait too long or else you lose his attention that he has for you

  • depends how long she wants to wait and if we're doing other things (oral)


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