Is it bad to be careful in love matters?

I am not very impulsive and I don't fall head over heels for a guy. I might be attracted instantly to someone, but I am a brain person andd rather use my brain than my heart in love matters. It doesn't mean that I don't follow my heart, but I am just not so impulsive when it comes to love (the beginning stages). The guys I meet are very into me and they show it. I mean I enjoy it, but my initial distance confuses them.. I don't refuse their approaches, I just don't seem overly into them just because I am thinking rationally... I show my interest by texting them, and even asking them out, but I keep a physical distance at the beginning...

I've realized that being careful is not vey attractive. I am not overly careful, I just don't fall head over heels for someone, but guys seem to want these kind of girls, whereas I prefer to slowly get used to someone and sowly fall into love...

when I was younger, I didn't really listen to my brain, but I've learned that it keeps you away from pain...

I just can't let it go anymore, but it seems quite hard to find someone who thinks similarily?


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  • You can't have both.
    Logic and Emotions don't mix.

    • what do you want to say with your coment?
      some people fall head over heels for someone and move across oceans to be with that person... like very impulsive and emotional decisions... i am just no like that...

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  • I am like that too.

    It does help in making sure that when u fall for someone, u fall for the right guy.

    I folow my brain and my gut/ heart feeling.

    It tells me to go slow nd cautiously until it is ready to accept that someone wholeheartedly.

    It happened like that with my current boyfriend. can't say my gut was wrong. It wasn't.

    The right guy won't mind that u take him and urself seriously and think things through. He will apreciate how much u care.

    Never change.

    Although pls also when u see that a guy is the right one for u. I mean if he makes u feel all the right things lol. Go ahead and dot b afraid to fall in love.

    • Ponder things through with brain, but also heart.


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    • I guess I got to know about their real personality early on... good for me :D

    • Yes. Thats what I think

      A great guy will consistently respect u :)

      I wish u much luck. The dating world can b tough.

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  • It's not bad, you just don't want to get used or hurt. Some men will take advantage of a woman who shows her feelings and some men will disrespect a girl if she gives sex to a guy too early and they will write her off as a slut even if they make the first move


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