Do you think a pretty girl who stops shaving her legs cancels out her prettyness and becomes just an average girl?

in the eyes of men who she wants to date or wants to date her?


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  • I know I'm going to be in the minority here but I really don't care if a girl shaves her legs or her armpits and I actively dislike it if she shaves her pubes. As long as she doesn't have a mustache or legs hairier than mine I'm fine with it.

    • I know some guys won't mind it but generally guys like girls who have smooth skin. Girls know this. I'm thinking a pretty girl who decides to stop shaving her legs would think she does need to do it because she already has a pretty face. What she wouldn't realize is that now she is less "dateable" at least to some guys, and is effectively just and average-looking girl now.

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