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I'm a guy, I'm 16 a Junior in high school. I have CF so I'm infertile, out of shape, and have a 40 year lifespan, and I've been trying really hard at the gym and basketball to get into shape. I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice, once last year and again this year on the last day of school. I'm ugly, poor, hate everything about myself, I'm short (only 5'9"), a failure, pathetic, and worst quality of all I'm nice. And I've been cutting since January. I've never smiled once since June 14, 2014, and I've never laughed even the slightest chuckle since the same time. I see the quote love laugh live as another way of saying, do something that will only give me another reason to kill myself, be stupid and annoying, do something not worth it. My smile is even more hideous anyways, same for my laugh. Why do people smile and laugh?


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  • Because we are the complete opposite of you. We are happy...

    • Because you're rich and people care about you, the opposite of me

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  • Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine...


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