Guys, what do I do to get a guy to like me?

Currently, I'm 5'2, really pale, have dark brown hair and I've been told by a bunch of people that im pretty but I don't think Im liked by a lot of guys and I don't know y. Almost all the guys that I've liked ended up liking my friend and she's 5'9. She's also tan and has curly hair and everyone thinks she's gorgeous. We've been friends since we were kids but not so much anymore. Its just so annoying tho BC she could have any guy she wants but I don't know how to compete. Got any advise?


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  • Don't worry about getting a guy to like you, it's a trap. And don't try to compete with any of your friends either. If you have to fight to get a guys attention he is not worth your time. Your still young remember as well, so don't rush yourself. I was 23 before I had my first proper girlfriend.

    As hard as this might sound, you need to focus on yourself, building your own interests, pursuing your own hobbies, turning your dreams (outside a guy) into reality.

    All of these things indirectly will make you much more attractive and interesting as a potential partner as well. Don't let the guys be the main motivation in your life, it will just set you up for disappointment and on always keep you a step behind. You need to be the priority and the rest will fall into place as it should.

  • just wait, a guy will come along, hopefully one you like too lol!


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