Female friend backed out of date. What to do?

we've known each other for a year. The past 3 months we've gotten pretty flirty with each other. Last weekend we were out with friends and in private I hinted that we should go out sometime. She said okay. We had been drinking a little so I went to her house (she invited me over) this past Wednesday to ask again... sober... She said yes and to call her today to set a date. I call her, no answer. So I text her and she replies saying she is nervous and doesn't want dating to ruin our friendship.

She said she wanted a few more casual dates with mutual friends and invited me to something this Tuesday (as an after thought). Should I go or just try to move on even if it means leaving our friendship behind?


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  • try to move on.


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like she said she wanted to take things slow. I'd stick with it and see where things go.


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