Does he like? I am confused?

okay so there's this guy and I've been talking to him for the past 3 months. we've talked before in the past but it never really went anywhere. me and him have never met in person we just know of eachother through mutrual friends. so 3 months ago we started talking and we finally argeed to met in person and everything went great and ever since then me and him talk everyday all day and about anything and everything. family, friends, school, ourseleves, etc. we hang out every weekend, I've met his friends.. he's met my friends. all of that. one night when we were hanging out he said something about what he has to do for him to show me he likes me. i honestly didn't know how to take that... i didn't want to ask "like me like how?" so fast forward to now... were still talking still hanging out but i am so confused on what to do or how to feel. i always tend to push and rush into things and ruin them and thats something i do not want to happen with him. all of my friends say that he likes me but when im alone i tend to overthink everything and i start to think i am not the only girl and this is just his game. what do you guys think?

ps i even feel like this question is confusing.. i just feel confused and i dont know what to do. i just dont want to ruin it and/or get hurt.


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  • he likes you! stop overthinking.


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