Girls, what's your ideal pamper day? That your boyfriend creates for you. Please be specific.. for f**k sake?

No 3 word answers please :)


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  • Breakfast in bed which we'll eat together, then afterwards maybe a nice massage for both of us at the same time (couples massage I guess). After that we can walk around and check out stores or places that we've never been to, and for lunch we can pick up some stuff at the market and eat outside in a park. Then we could spend the afternoon seeing the symphony or a musical, or maybe go to the museum. For dinner he can take me to a restaurant we've never been to before, and hopefully it's not too expensive. Then we'll go home, watch a movie and chill out, and then jump back into bed lol.

    • At least this sounds like something he would think up, lol

    • Sounds pretty decent :)
      I'm thinking.. Tea and coffee in bed, mess around a bit, get up around 11am, go for a shower together, go up this little spot i know on top of a mountain and chill, drink, fuck, then doss about by a lake, then walk back home, jump into bed and watch movies while i message her with (on her request) rose smelling massage oil xD Stay up all night drinking great wine, watching films, chatting shit and playing around :)

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  • I guess the ideal pamper day for me would start off at the beach. I really love the sun and the warmth so spending a couple of hours there would be wonderful. Afterward if he took me to get some Menchie's frozen yogurt that would be the perfect treat from being in the hot sun. I'd then like to go home take a nice hot shower and eat a bunch of mexican fast food while playing some video games. And to end the day I really really love chocolate covered strawberries, so I'd like a bunch of those along with a ton of junk foods and a huge glass of milk while we watch crazy scary gruesome horror movies lol. I guess I like to mix my romance with a little bit of non romance? I forgot to add, after the movie is over and it's uber late, I'd just want to spend the night sleepily talking to each other until we pass out in each others arms. That's the perfect date for me! :)

    • Sounds pretty good :) No sex?

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    • you guys need to get some toys, sort it out mate xD you sound very sexually unhappy.

    • I'm not unhappy, sex is special and sacred to me not an act of recreation with randoms on the street. My boyfriend is my first and only and we plan on marrying. We make each other very happy and out of respect for my man I choose not to speak about sex with strangers. That's just rude and inappropriate. I would never be okay with him speaking that way with another woman so why would I do that with you?

  • If he ordered me food and set up some movies for us to watch and then just massaged my head whilst we were chillin'. That would be ace.

  • Start with whatever she likes for breakfast. Maybe a morning finger bang or oral or sex
    Then a day at one or two locations. Beach, zoo, park, hiking, some local fun place. Then dinner out or in, then a movie then home for lots of fingering, lots of oral, lots of sex, lots of cumming.

    • We thinking top of a mini mountain for sex and drinks? or water world for a rip off to fuck in a pool?

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    • yeah, sounds great, then you remember I'm in the uk so the weather could be wank. Your obviously American since you said bone, possibly Canadian. Movie as a last resort? always liked sitting at the back any way :)

    • Nah just didn't want to say bang lol
      I never say bone

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