To be or not to be online dating?

He used to be online quite often, before we met. Then the day after we met he was NEVER online again. (maybe hidden profile) We have been dating for almost 2 months. We have kissed/made out but no sex, I have met a lot of his friends, he takes me to nice dates. We have not had any where is this going talk, and even though I really like him, I did not want to get too attached too soon - in case he just wants sex - so I kept signing to the online dating site sometimes and just chatted with people ( no date ).

He became distant lately, so I gave him space and instead of texting him I went back on the website to spend time. Well after 3 days of not hearing from him I saw him online!

I disconnected as it was late and it felt so awkward. Now he is online all the time. ( yes I have been the crazy stalker who looked up his profile without login in myself ).

So does it mean it's over? If I get online should we talk? Its so weird.

Any similar experiences?


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  • Having met my boyfriend via dating service , I say YES to online dating. I think, the key point is to be honest in your intentions. Personally, I wanted to meet someone special and transfer our relationships offline as fast as possible.

  • I hate to say, but it sounds as if he lost interest for whatever reason. Personally, I would let it go and not chat with him.

    • yes I have this feeling too...

  • you should talk.

    • well we are both online right now and ignoring each other, ridiculous lol... anyways its probably over

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